How much does this cost?

The listings are free to Club Motorhome full members.

Joining as a full member costs just £20 for a whole year! That's a whole year no matter what time of year you join - So you can see it really is great value!

Discounts available! So for even better value you can join (or renew) for 2 or 3 years at a time and bring that down to £15 a year!

Subscribers also get access to all the other features and content of Club Motorhome including free classified advertising, Aires and stopovers in France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Portugal, Campsites in Morocco. Various articles about aspects of motorhoming, Motorhome friendly recipes etc Full details of what you get for that subscription can be found here.

UK Pub Stopovers are just one of the features on Club Motorhome. Motorhome friendly pubs are listed throughout the UK with hundreds of public houses and other interesting locations across more than 60 counties ensure that there will be a suitable overnight parking location to suit your travels.