How to get the information

Pub Type Motorhome Stopovers eBookThe listings of agreeable motorhome friendly pubs and stopover locations are free to Full Members of the Club Motorhome website - Joining Club Motorhome is necessary to access the information.

The most up-to-date listing information is on the website but, if you require access to pub type motorhome stopover locations while offline then we have produced downloadable PDFs!

These can be downloaded to your pc, tablet or smartphone - you can read more about our PDFs here.

If you are not yet a full member then you can pop over to Club Motorhome and download a FREE SAMPLE of our listings in the county of Lincolnshire here.

UK Pub Stopovers are just one of the features on Club Motorhome. Motorhome friendly pubs are listed throughout the UK with hundreds of public houses and other interesting locations across more than 60 counties ensure that there will be a suitable overnight parking location to suit your travels.