What is Club Motorhome?

Club Motorhome is a website based 'club' designed for motorhome enthusiasts to gather essential information to add to their enjoyment of motorhoming in the UK and Europe.

There's a whole bunch of features like motorhome forums, our own 'social network', classified advertising but the main focus is on stopover information.

As well as the pub-type stopovers there are thousands of European stopovers like Aires, wildcamping spots and some member recommended campsites.

All the locations are personally researched and added to the website, we don't just 'harvest' other peoples' databases.

Each stopover is carefully added by the site's admin with the information being supplied by themselves or the members' own submissions. The best way to see how it all looks is to pop over to the website and have a look around for yourself - a lot of the information can be seen by visitors but only Full Members will see it all Club Motorhome

The benefits are extensive but if you would like to know what you do get for your subscription details are here.

It's great value to members with useful tips on running and using their motorhomes - from the smallest camper to the largest RV.

UK Pub Stopovers are just one of the features on Club Motorhome. Motorhome friendly pubs are listed throughout the UK with hundreds of public houses and other interesting locations across more than 60 counties ensure that there will be a suitable overnight parking location to suit your travels.